give me your hand

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I can't sleep because of tomorrow.


emilie said...

1) not a total fan of kate moss, but OMGZ YOU SAW KATE MOSS?!! WHERE?!

2) love your jewelry. i think it looks great all together.

jessica ann said...

nina! have i told you i missed your posts yet? well i have! your art is amazing, i hope you have a good first day! and i love your bracelets, xoxo

bronwyn said...

Ooh, I like, I like....all the jewellery and the dark nail polish, I bought some dark nail polish ages ago and I've yet to use it...I better go do something with it before it goes out of style...thanks for the reminder:)

hannah said...

how do you get your hair so blonde, it's such a lovely colour.

Anna Pope said...

I love the Topshop bracelet, it is gorgeous! And goes very well with with the black nail polish.