my friends at my house on my birthday


ellevictoire said...

i really love this style of photography! what type of camera do you use for this effect? i tried using instant throw-away cameras with flash, but they aren't that interesting :S

lilliebe said...

it's a super old film camera
it has no light meter so i barely ever use it indoors cause i'm worried they won't come out.
however i had about 6 photos left on a film that i really wanted to develop, so i decided to play around with the settings by having a long exposure (thus letting lots of light in) - this means they're blurry unless you have the camera on something steady and whatever you're taking the photo of is completely still.

but i love blurry photos so i don't mind them like this!

disposables wouldn't allow you to do this because you can't change the exposure time. mine looks something like this: http://gearpatrol.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/vintage-canon-ae-1-program-slr-camera1.jpg

jules said...

oh these are so beautiful!

Anna Pope said...

Great photos, so cute :)