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it's so sunnny in London! I will definitely miss these few extra celsius when I'm in Scotland next year... I'm studying Graphic Design at Edinburgh College of Art, so excited!


Edelweiss said...

I would definately give up the extra few degrees for Scotland's beautiful scenery! I'm so envious of you going there.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow so you're going to ECA? It's a beautiful campus there, I applied for illustration when I was at school but was unsuccessful, now I'm at Glasgow University doing teaching, really wish I'd stuck with art though :-(

Vintage Tea said...

Oh you defo will miss them! Right now in Scotland its pelting with wind and rain, with the occasional outbursts of hail!
I'm sure you will love Scotland though. We're all really lovely you know! lol

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indigotangerine said...

i'm adding you to our blog roll

Julia.K. said...

What a lovely picture!