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i'm in Denmark at the mo and it's cool cause at night you can see stars. The last picture is one I took at the Victoria Miro gallery, a piece by Yayoi Kusama - such an amazing artist. I think she has or will soon be displaying some work at the Hayward Gallery (London).. will definitely be going when I'm back! The other pics aren't mine


patti said...

Ohhh these are so nice and fairy tale-like.
are you on vacation in denmark ? ;)

heleen db said...

Amazing. I'll definitely use these for some sort of photomanipulation.

Rebecca said...

heyy, yeah thanks your advice did give me a pretty clear idea
sorry, i probably came across as a right werido haha

yet again, ANOTHER beautiful post

lilliebe said...

patti - sort of vacation, i'm on a danish course at a hojskole in helsingor, lots of fun!
heleen - yeah i wish i had photoshop or sth but maybe i'll print them out and try and use them in a collage (thanks so much for including me in your collage post btw!)
rebecca - not weird at all! i wish i'd come across someone who went to Brighton or Edinburgh when i was choosing between the them..hope i made the right choice..!

LORA\ said...

everything amazing

Lauren Alexandra Smith said...

i like this. so mind consuming.
great post.
: )

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Hayley said...

i adore the fourth and last photos. they're all so dreamy.

Katie Reynolds said...

wow! who are the first and second by? they're beautiful!

Judy said...

Hey i am wondering, where is the first picture from?
I haven't seen that pretty photo for a while.

lilliebe said...

hey judy, i'm pretty sure it's by the same artsit/photographer who did the second picture, i can't remember the name though sorry! theses photos have been on a lot of blogs though so i'm sure someone will know..
i should credit my pics but i always make posts way after i've saved them to my comp.