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ZOO. went to edinburgh zoo for my project n here are a couple sketches. looks like a baby did them!


Daniella said...

Your drawings are fantastic!
Edinburgh is the best zoo everrrrr. London zoo is nothing in comparison. Edinburgh has a polar bear and koala bears. x

Lyndsay Buchanan said...

Lovely drawings.

I don't like Edinburgh Zoo very much, the polar bear that was there looked so sad I got really upset. It has been moved now though!


mum said...

absolutely 100 million amazing

Jenny said...

These drawings are fabulous :)

I was wondering if you could tell me what course you did at Chelsea last year? Would be great help. thanks xxx

lilliebe said...

lyndsay - i know i didn't like watching the polar bear either. or the leopards or the lions. it was sad. good to hear the polar bear has moved though!

mum - thanks

jenny - i did the year long foundation course. free for under 19s!

fa├žon aesthetics said...


Welgevormd said...

The heads are f*cking epic!!